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Southeast Wisconsin Sport Fishing and Hunting Expo
Southeast Wisconsin Sport Fishing and Hunting Expo

"Back to the way shows used to be!"

 2015 EVENT




Thank you to the exhibitors and sponsors who have regularly supported the SEWI Expo.

It was always the goal to build the expo into a solid fishing and hunting exposition, with seminars that provided insightful information for use in Wisconsin.  The move to the Washington County Fair grounds was a great move that provided a good jump in attendance.  So we felt we were finally on the way.

However, with a very minimal number of exhibitors and sponsors making early enough commitments, there is just not enough support for the expo.  To justify taking the financial risk to attempt to run the expo another year, a far greater number of commitments were needed.  It is felt that not enough exhibitors will step up to the plate in time to make the event a good enough value for those paying a fee to attend. 

All the feedback after last  spring's event from the exhibitors was fantastic: great facility, great location, better attendance numbers, etc.  But then, very few exhibitors made commitment to attend again. 

Lloyd and I  thank everyone who continually supported our expo.  We gave it our best shot. However, exhibitors do control the success of the events.  We can not take such a risk any longer.

We wish all exhibitors and sponsor groups our very best and for the continued success of their respective businesses.

Chuck & LLoyd


All Exhibitor and Sponsor fees paid in will be fully reimbursed.

Reimbursements will go out no later than November 15, 2014.

SEWI Fishing & Hunting Expo Office
3617 S.90th St.
Milwaukee, Wi. 53228

Email: lloyd9199@att,net