How to Become a Defensive Driver in 2 Weeks

For defensive driving, you need to know some essential guidelines. The tips are useful for every, but they also are usually more helpful for new car drivers as you. The tips provided below will assist you to in most situations so you can drive safely.

TIP 1: Never Use Mobiles When Driving a car

Talking while you are behind the car is not good, as you will not know about your surrounds. As a matter of thing, having a mobile when you are driving a car is an extremely harmful practice. The only time you should use a mobile is when the vehicle is parked. Although, if you want to make an important phone call, you should pull over.

TIP 2: Look at the Traffic Signals

When driving a car, you must look closely at the road signals. This will assist you stay within the speed control. Compared with many car drivers, you should not do what the car drivers ahead of you do. They will often not be following the road and regulations. Be sure you do not go across the speed control or you may be at a higher risk to have a car accident.

TIP 3: Maintain a Distance

Always keep a certain distance from the car in front of you. This helps you avoid an accident once you have to use brakes suddenly. When you do not keep more distance, you can end up hitting the car in front of you.

When you are driving a car on icy streets which are wrapped with snowfall, you want to keep more room when you will take longer to stop. Cars often slip on wintry roads while breaks are used. Therefore, maintain this in mind.

TIP 4: Do not Drive in Bad Weather

Bad weather will cause car accidents. Hence, we recommend that you do not drive a car while it is raining or even snowing. It is very important for new drivers. Driving a car during the night is much more hard so that you should be more cautious. But, you can drive during the night when you have an experienced car driver with you. They will tell you the ways to drive a car in bad weather. When you are confident enough, you can still drive a car during the night also. Still, you must stay away from driving a car in bad weather to be on the safe side.

TIP 5: Do not Make Haste

Sometimes, when driving a car, you may be in a situation so you may not understand in case you need to pass or let the other cab driver pass. This will occur in a 4 way stop. With this types of conditions, you ought to let the other driver have the right of way. In the bad situation, when you and other drive pull out simultaneously, you have an accident. Thus, it is right which you have to wait some moments when you pull out.

Thus, these are a few defensive helpful tips you should use when driving a car. By doing this you will be safe while on the go. Remember that your life is an essential point for you. It is not wise to be in a rush at all times.